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10 years of clients emails ?

You have try to contact them by email and you have been reject by all emailling provider ? Or your dedicated server has been bannish immediatly? Normal... With a old database, most of the time the pourcentage of wrong email can be oven 50% of your database. But email provider usally only accept 5% of wrong emails (called BOUNCE)... With 50% of wrong email on your database after only 500 emails sent you are already bannished by antispam filters...

But don't worry, there is a solution. We can detect for you all the bounces and give you back the list of wrong emails and teh list of remaining good emails...

For this you just need to import your email list of the Import page here.

Then you import your emails database. We controle all of your email and give you back the result.
Attention to fully remove all bounce on 1.000.000 emails, it can take more One entire month.

Bounce Cleaning Cost : FREE if you stay on our platform
or 40rmb for 1000 emails to clean if you want to extract the database and use it somewhere else

Our cleaning capacity is between 3000 to 7000 emails cleaned per day
48868 emails now in the waiting list of emails to check

I do not want to wait, please validate all the mail immediately

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